The Basics

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The Basics

What is Community-Led Development?

Definition from the Movement for Community-Led Development (MCLD): Community-Led Development (CLD) is a development approach in which local community members work together to identify goals that are important to them, develop and implement plans to achieve those goals, and create collaborative relationships internally and with external actors—all while building on community strengths and local leadership.

Roots of Development has been a member of MCLD since 2016.

What is Development without Dependency?

Development without Dependency is more than our tagline–it’s a philosophy. Because of poor practices in international development and aid work throughout the last several decades, many communities around the world have become dependent on aid handouts. We believe in pursuing development that makes communities more self-sustaining and independent.

Is Community-Led Development different from participatory development?

YES! While participatory development usually involves consulting with communities and allowing them to be part of the process, community-led development truly means what it says. Under CLD, communities use local knowledge, local resources, and local people to identify needs, collectively create a plan, and implement projects.

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