What We Do

Development without Dependency

Traditionally, NGOs have stepped in to provide aid to marginalized communities. While helpful at times, far too often this aid leaves populations dependent on outside directives and leadership. This dynamic of dependency fails to foster local ownership over development efforts. Communities are unable to strengthen their own capacity and left ill-equipped to manage and maintain the efforts, jeopardizing the very sustainability of those efforts.

Our Mission

Our mission is is to support and promote community-led development (CLD). We accompany local partners as they improve quality of life in their communities, and we advocate for aid efforts to center local knowledge, resources, and actions.

Our Vision

We believe in a world a world in which communities decide their own future and manage their own development.

Our Principles of Practice

1. We support locally-led groups and community-based organizations through long-term partnerships built on trust and shared values

2. We work to make our local partners the strongest they can be by helping identify strategic gaps in their capacity and arranging for support provided by Roots personnel or vetted local experts

3. We supply grants through a funding model that adapts to the needs, capabilities, and preferences of our local partners.

4. We are supporters, allies, and advocates for our local partners.

5. We amplify the voices of our partners, sharing stories and learned experiences in order to build an evidence base for community-led development and Development without Dependency.

6. We advocate for the global development ecosystem as a whole to shift power and resources to local actors.

7. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and are held accountable by our partners, donors, and allies.

8. We listen to and learn from the voices of our partners, majority world leaders, and global networks.

9. We only accept financial support and engage in collaborations that uphold our Shared Values and Principles of Practice.

10. We communicate about our local partners and the communities where we work truthfully and with respect, agency, and dignity.

Our Partners

Gwoup Konbit


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Help us fight for a development that is more sustainable and respectful.

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