Spring to Action 2023 is now concluded! Thank you to our team leads and generous supporters that helped us raise the $36,000 needed to drill a well for the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center. Check back next year for updates on Spring to Action 2024!

Teams led by our top supporters are competing to raise the most money as a part of our Spring to Action campaign. Help us raise funds to drill a well underneath the future La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center by choosing a team and donating!

Donate to a team and help us achieve this goal — the winning team’s total will be DOUBLED!

Current Campaign Progress

Last Updated: 5/3/23 10:00AM

How it works

1. Choose a team to contribute to.
2. Go to your team’s personal fundraising page.
3. Donate any amount.
4. That’s it! The team who raises the most gets their total MATCHED.

Bonus: Share about the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram

Team Leaders

Brenda Huneycutt

Board Member

Aurélie Mathieu

Long-time supporter

Luc Castera

Board Member

Capital Springs

A DC-Based Group of Supporters

Barbara Depray

Long-time Supporter

East Hampton HS

A Group of High School Students

Not sure whose team to join?
Take our quiz!

Contact cestes@rootsofdevelopment.org with any questions or issues.

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