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Monthly gifts provide us with a reliable source of income that allows us to sustain our most important projects regardless of the challenges that arise during the year. And with a broad network of individual donors, we avoid overdependence on a single major donor or grant.


Monthly giving means lower administration costs, less resources put towards helping donors make one-time gifts, which means more of your money goes to where it’s needed most: investing in stronger leaders and community-led development projects.


Your monthly donation allows us to take a more sustainable, long-term approach to development. As a recurring donor, you support long-lasting improvements in the quality of life of our partners and the communities they serve.


Our monthly donors of all levels get access to exclusive donor benefits like free and discounted event tickets, strategy sessions with Roots staff and board, recognition in our annual report, and discounts to our online store.

What is Forest for the Trees?

Forest for the Trees is our monthly giving program, named because its members are dedicated to supporting Development without Dependency on a global scale. With access to exclusive meetings and strategy sessions, Forest for the Trees members help us keep an eye on the big picture.

When you join our Forest for the Trees program, you help ensure community leaders have access to funding when they need it, women have uninterrupted access to leadership programming, and communities can access the tools and materials they need to complete projects.


Seed Level

Less than $25/month

Even at less than $25/month, your donation will support a training workshop for the Agents of Change (VPC) on the island of La Gonave. The 45 VPC receive 4 trainings a year on skills related to leadership training, project management, and sustainable development.

Sapling Level

$25/month ($0.83/day)

$25/month for one year supports one Community Action Project, which are infrastructure or other community improvement projects led by the Agents of Change on La Gonave. Projects include paving roads, installing solar powered street lamps, and planting backyard gardens.

Branch Level

$50/month ($1.66/day)

$50/month for one year supports 12 adolescents going through the Ankadre program on La Gonave, which teaches youth vocational skills and civic engagement. This program targets areas that are at greatest risk of gang membership. Click here to learn more about the program.

Canopy Level

$100/month ($3.33/day)

$100/month for one year supports a three-month course for 15 women to learn to ride a motorcycle, boosting their independence and self-esteem. Click here to learn more about one of the women who participated in the program.


Donors who give $100 a month or more are Canopy Level Donors.
  • Jean Francois & Marie-Jose Bauer
  • Korey Bissonnette & Anouk Leger
  • Marian & Marty Bissonnette
  • Rudy & Shawna Brioché
  • Tom & Sharon Callahan
  • Luc & Alejandra Castera
  • Aglae Charlot
  • Marie Clotilde Charlot
  • Mark & Kristy Clewett
  • Jessica Desvarieux & Jeff Chin
  • Montgomery & Darcy Erwin
  • Brenda Huneycutt & Smith Brittingham
  • Ben & Rebecca Knowlton
  • James Martin & Doris Gordon
  • Aurélie Mathieu
  • Sak Pollert
  • Ana Maria Saiz
  • Jessica Tava
  • Ernest Voyard & Tanya Axenson
  • Chris & Nicole Wells
  • Jenna & Mike Willits
  • Susan Israel

Donors who give $50 a month or more are Branch Level Donors.
  • Peter Nowakowski
  • Holly Stewart
  • Winsome Gayle
  • Suzanne DesJarlais
  • Frank Hartman
  • Mary Baranski
  • Jennifer Demma
  • Magalie Pradel
  • Ray Pierre-Louis
  • Kate Hartman

Donors who give $25 a month or more are Sapling Level Donors.
  • Steve Rogers
  • Janet Ficek
  • Andrea Ames
  • Lorraine Gagnon
  • Joanne Todd
  • Elodie Manuel
  • Bethany Natoli
  • Charlene Bowen
  • Ernest Voyard Sr.
  • Charles Manus
  • Deborah Rivlin
  • Viren Jain
  • Chad Bissonnette
  • Erline Jackson
  • Beatrice Delima
  • Ethan Goodrich
  • Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu
  • Mary Walsh
  • Kevin Willits
  • Nichole Rowley
  • Annie Bobbitt
  • Djina Faublas
  • Jay Larochelle
  • Linda Jacques
  • Donna Crossman
  • Edens Duphresne
  • Christine Gomes
  • Kathy Finn
  • Debra Hultgren
  • Nancy Carlson
  • Mara-Hiley Chery
  • Wanda Gispert

Donors who give less than $25 a month are Seed Level Donors.
  • Geralyn Merrill
  • Benjamin Hill
  • Emily Frederick
  • Marilyn Archibald
  • Tom Bythrow
  • Charles Muller
  • Florence Rouzier
  • Brendan Troy
  • Pat Leavens
  • Nick Callender
  • Sara Eckhouse
  • Barbara Fox
  • Tracey Miller
  • Melinda Miles
  • Lula Lakeou
  • Jennifer Plantin
  • Eva-Maria Maher
  • James Heilman
  • Sudeep Awasthi
  • Alex Merceron
  • Bobby Joseph


Monthly donors make our work more effective and more sustainable, and receive exclusive benefits like discounts and event tickets.
Consider joining our family of monthly donors who are committed to Development without Dependency.

If you prefer sending a recurring donation by check, our mailing address is P.O. Box 77438, Washington, DC 20013.

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