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Building the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center

A Hub for Community-Led Development in Haiti and around the World.

There are places like La Gonave, Haiti, around the world—forgotten pockets of peoples, where development is accepted to be practically impossible because of purportedly immutable circumstances and decades of failures. Like the people of La Gonave, these communities have been left to fend for themselves.

The La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will become the nexus of Community-Led Development efforts around the world, where others can come together to learn and share their experiences, creating an alliance of like-minded people dedicated to Development without Dependency.

A Promise to Future Generations.

La Gonave is an island that’s been all but forgotten by NGOs and its own central government. Haiti has been written off by the global community as a sinkhole for aid money, where a never-ending barrage of natural disasters and a seemingly overwhelming amount of violence and corruption makes long-term development impossible. While traditional aid work has failed across Haiti, the residents of La Gonave have figured out how to do better, more sustainable community-led development.

The La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will put La Gonave on the map as not only a place where development can work, but one that has a model to be emulated throughout the world.

3D Model of the future La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center

Roots of Development and Ayiti Community Trust are working together to support our community-based partner in Haiti, Rasin Devlopman, build a permanent community leadership and development center on the island of La Gonave.

The center will provide the island’s population (approx. 85,000 residents) with a meeting and training facility where local authorities can strengthen their management and leadership skills and communities can come together to plan and organize sustainable projects that improve quality of life on the island.

The facility will also include a guesthouse and additional office space for rent, which will provide Rasin Devlopman with a sustainable source of revenue and greater financial independence.

The Impact


The Community Leadership & Development Center will serve as a meeting, teaching, and project implementation space for decades. It will help strengthen and develop new leaders on the island for generations to come.


The Community Leadership & Development Center will be owned and operated by Rasin Devlopman. It will house its headquarters and include a guesthouse and additional office space for rent, which will provide the organization with a source of revenue and greater financial independence.


The Community Leadership & Development Center will be a meeting place for community leaders from across Haiti and beyond. It will be a hub of community-led projects and a symbol of a stronger, more sustainable approach to development.

Project Budget: $1,040,186

Current Phase: Fundraising for Phase 1

The construction of the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will be carried out in two phases. We are currently taking pledges for Phase 1 of construction. Construction will begin only when the full amount needed is pledged and/or collected. Funds collected will be kept in reserve until that time.

Phase 1

Building A (2 levels): $200,248

  • 70-seat auditorium
  • Restrooms
  • 26-person dining room
  • 3 training rooms

Building B (2 levels): $85,189

  • Kitchen
  • Employee restroom
  • Storage area
  • Laundry and drying room

Building D (1 level): $34,897

  • Veranda
  • Reception area
  • Office space

Central Atrium: $176,730
Solar Energy System: $67,836
Internet Infrastructure: $12,155

Total: $577,055

The completion of Phase 1 will allow the center to begin operating and serving the island of La Gonave, even if construction of Phase 2 is not ready to begin. To learn more about the construction phases and how to make a pledge, click here.

“Rasin Devlopman’s decision to build on La Gonave sends the message that it is here to stay.  It is taking root on the island and will grow wings, an act that is both innovative and fundamental.”

– Daniel Elie, Architect

The Design

Learn more about the significance of the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center and the elements in its design from the architect, Daniel Elie of Moun Studio, in this interview:

The Architect

Moun Studio is a Haitian architecture firm led by architects Daniel Élie and Philippe Châtelain. Mr. Élie is the former director of the Institute for the Safeguarding of National Heritage (ISPAN), an autonomous body of the Haitian Ministry of Culture responsible for the conservation of monuments and historical sites. Together, Mr. Élie and Mr. Châtelain have collaborated on a number of high-profile restoration and conservation works in Haiti, including the the Citadelle Henri Christophe in Cap-Haitien.  The attraction of a well-known Haitian architect with deep ties to Haiti’s history and culture to the island is a testament to the significance of the Leadership Center to both La Gonave and Haiti.

“The project will rely not only on the physical resources of La Gonave but also on its human resources. As a result, everyone will be tied to the project, something which will have an extremely strong and symbolic significance [for the island], especially since the center is intended to train younger generations in the fields of development and leadership, to give a certain autonomy to La Gonave, capacity to self-develop.”

– Daniel Elie, Architect

The Giving Wall

Institutional Donors

Sandler Family Foundation

The Sandra and Arnold Chase Family Foundation

Seven Hills Global Outreach

Verizon Foundation

Individual Donors

Agnes Castera

Alex Bender

Ann Loraine Roc

Avery Pollard

Betty Marcelin

Catherine Albright

Christopher J Harvie

Corine Lau

Deborah Rivlin

Elodie Manuel

Frantz Derenoncourt

Gueter Aurelien

James Snow

Jenean E. McKay

Joseph Newkirk

Karen Wires

Kristin Schneeman

Linda Rhine

Lyn Freundlich

Marise Schut Aine

Meli Faubert

Nicolas Braun

Reginald Saint-Amand

Romy Antoine

Sasha Rene

Terryl Morris-Adams

Tre-C Leigh Dumais

Ahson Wardak

Alexandra Zaltman

Anne Castera

Barbara Depray

Beverly S. Huneycutt

Chad Groshart

Claudia Nunn

Cost Family

Diane Laurin

Emily Ellis

Genevieve Pierre

Guille C

Janet B Fox

Jenna Willits

Juan M Fernandez

Kate HZ

Lenora Williams

Lorraine Crossman

Mai-Trang Dang

Mary Baranski

Meredith Schoenfeld

Nirosha Lederer

Renee Iverson

Rose Chin

Sri Atluri

Thomas Callahan

Viren Jain

Al Smith

Alicia Willett

Anthony Del Monaco

Barry Shelley

Brenda Huneycutt

Chad W Bissonnette

Clayton Barlow-Wilcox

Dana Cloud

Don Pottinger

Emily Pugach

George Denison

H. Seth F. Barnes

Jean Francois Bauer

Jenny Katz

Judi Flamenbaum

Keith Stebbins

Leslie Sowers

Luba Lepidus

Marie Michaud

Matt Campagna

Miguel Padro

Pascale Wagner

Robyn Isman

Russell Bridges

Suzanne Naone

Tianna Lyons

Wanda Gispert

Alejandra Fernandez

Amol Batra

Arianne Richardson

Ben Knowlton

Brett Pickering

Christiane Laporte

Colleen Fleming and Tony Bernard

Darcy Erwin

Edens Duphresne

Esther Taylor

German F

Holly Stewart

Jean Sebastien Barrau

Joan Voneden

Judith Woltring

Kevin Levy

Leslie Stone

Luc Castera

Marie Onakomaiya

Matt Rosenberg

Ndangoh Babila

Randi Buerlein

Rodney B Solomon

Salmah Rizvi

Sylvie Castera Linge

Torry Stamm

Yordan Santallana

Aleksander Murshteyn

Andrew A MacGregor

Aurelie Mathieu

Bethany Natoli

Brian Averill

Christopher and Nicole Wells

Colleen Gauld

David Valeri

Eileen McGrath

Florent G.

Guerda Nicolas

James Nardine

Jeff Chin

Jonathan Schreiber

Kakoli Caprihan

Kris Clark

Linda Mathes

Luciano Marcelino

Marie-Jose Bauer

Maya Oliver

Neil and Erin Boland

Randy Breidbart

Rodolphe Brioche

Sarah Solomon

Tara Foley

Tracy Kochan

Zachary Gore

If you give to the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center at the $1,000 level or more, your name will be permanently and physically recognized in the center to thank you for your generous contribution to the construction of the center. This applies to all donations made via check, transfer, our website , or our Global Giving fundraising page.

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