Valentine’s Day Virtual Floral Workshop

Sunday, February 12, 2023 – 2:00pm EST

In support of Rasin Devlopman’s Motorcycle Courses for Young Women

Join us for a virtual fundraiser in support of young women in Haiti. Learn how to purchase, arrange, and care for flowers like a professional. You’ll learn interesting facts about flowers and tips for creating beautiful arrangements for your home or as gifts for friends and family. All proceeds go directly to Roots of Development.

$40 tax-deductible donation to participate.

Learn how to purchase, care for, and arrange flowers like a pro!

Marian Bissonnette, of Foliage Blooms, is donating her time and expertise to help Roots of Development raise funds for motorcycle courses for young women on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. She uses her 40+ years of teaching experience, passion as a flower enthusiast, and skills as professional designer to bring you a workshop on flower arranging that is both fun and informative.

Upon registering, you will receive an email containing a recipe of flowers to purchase, a list of materials necessary for the workshop, and a color chart with information on how to use color to create a mood in an arrangement. Space is limited so reserve your space today by donating below.

The Floral Workshop Includes…

  • A list of the flowers to buy for the workshop
  • Instructions on what to look for when buying stems from a store
  • General tips and tricks of flower arranging
  • A recipe for creating a professional design
  • Guided arrangement techniques, using the “lattice” approach
  • Information on flower care to extend the life of your arrangement
  • Q&A throughout the event

The following is not included…

  • Flowers (You will buy your own in advance of the workshop)
  • Vase (You can use any vase you have. Please try and find one with a diameter of about 3-4 inches and please note that the shorter the vase, the more difficult the technique)
  • Flower food packet (often comes with your flowers and is important)
  • Cutting shears

Note: This will be a different class from the one offered last year! It’s not only okay to attend again, it is encouraged!

Best Ways To Take Advantage of This Class:

  • Invite friends and family to your home for a Valentine’s Day party!
  • Purchase access as a gift for:
    • You and your significant other!
    • Your friends!
    • Your parents!
  • Create your bouquet and give it as a gift!

Motorcycle Courses for Young Women in Haiti

All proceeds from the workshop will help fund motorcycle courses for young women on the island of La Gonave. The courses help women control their own transportation, create new economic opportunities, and play a larger role in their community’s development.

The courses also support women’s empowerment — 96% of participants reported an increase in confidence and self-esteem. More than 75% of women who complete the program report using a motorcycle at least once a month! Projects like these are how Roots of Development and Rasin are creating lasting change on La Gonave.

In 2022, 48 women were trained to ride motorcycles across three rounds of courses, totaling over a thousand hours in instruction. Rasin is looking to train at two more classes of women this year, and this floral arrangement class will help make that possible!

Floral Workshop Event Registration

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