Gwoup Konbit

Gwoup Konbit (GK) is a Haitian social movement and platform facilitating connections, resource sharing, and knowledge exchange among leaders and groups that espouse the principles of konbit. Konbit is a traditional, historical form of collective labor rooted in mutual aid and solidarity–a powerful concept in Haiti that GK has tapped into in building its movement. GK serves as a funder and incubator for organizations and leaders across Haiti as they design and implement projects guided by the values konbit.

Gwoup Konbit was officially founded in 2021, when a group of community leaders from across Haiti gathered for the first annual ‘An n Devlope Konbit’ (“Let’s develop Konbit”) workshop in Port-au-Prince. GK came about organically out of a desire from Haitian groups and leaders to learn from the work and successes of Kobit Solèy Leve, which began in 2011 in Cité Soleil.

In addition to Roots of Development, Gwoup Konbit is supported by: the Vitol Foundation, the Lighthouse Foundation, and others.

Gwoup Konbit’s Work

Gwoup Konbit documents the experiences, achievements, and lessons learned of its members and creates the tools needed to create awareness around the principles of konbit. It also promotes shared resources, knowledge, and ideas, while amplifying and honoring exemplary actions rooted in konbit. Gwoup Konbit hosts an annual “Let’s Develop Konbit” workshop each year in Port-au-Prince and its members are currently working to develop a guide on the practice of konbit.

Gwoup Konbit identifies groups working in the spirit of konbit in their respective communities and accompanies them as they strengthen their solidarity and collective actions. In some cases, this may require small sums of financial support to complement existing local resources which in essence are konbit-based actions on a smaller-scale. 

Gwoup Konbit offers grants to groups who have been accompanied for some time and have strongly developed their konbit capacities and are focused on the progress of their communities. It requires that these groups are not dependent solely on external groups for resources, but using their own and finding others as a collective effort to move community-based initiatives forward. These groups include Rasin Devlopman, Konbit San Pou San, Leaders de Demain, and Le Paradis Haitian.

GK 2024: Leaders de Demain

Photos from Leaders de Demain

GK 2024: Konbit Guide Workshops

Photos from GK Workshops

GK 2024: Konbit San Pou San

Photos from Konbit San pou San

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