What we do

We support and advocate for a more sustainable approach to development.

We believe in a world in which the very communities living in poverty are the ones leading the fight against it; a world in which communities decide their own future and manage their own development.

We support Community-Led Development.
We promote Development Without Dependency.

We support Community-Led Development

We provide assistance to community-based organizations that are sustainably improving quality of life in their communities by investing in local capacity and supporting community-led development initiatives.

Capacity-Building and Technical Assistance

We provide community-based organizations (CBOs) with capacity-building opportunities and technical assistance to help them build and scale their organizations and strengthen the capacity of local leaders.

Organizational Funding and Resources

We provide community-based organizations (CBOs) with funding and other resources to strengthen and scale their organizations and help fund community-led development projects.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

We help community-based organizations (CBOs) identify and establish new partnerships that bring additional skills and resources to help them improve quality of life in their communities.

Our Impact in Numbers


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Community Projects


Our Partner: Rasin Devlopman

We promote Development Without Dependency

We advocate for a more sustainable approach to doing development and supporting charitable causes.

Experiences and Best Practices

We share learned experiences and best practices to help promote community-led development and advocate for development without dependency.

Tools and Resources

We serve as a hub for tools and other useful resources related to practicing and supporting community-led development.

Challenge and Promote

We teach and challenge practitioners to change their approach to development and donors to rethink how they give charitably.

Help us fight for a development that is more

sustainable and respectful.

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