May 2024 – ANNOUCEMENT: Roots and ACT Partnership

May 2024

Ayiti Community Trust and Roots of Development Announce Transformative Partnership for a Sustainable Future in Ayiti (Haiti)

[Washington DC — May 1, 2024] – Ayiti Community Trust (ACT) and Roots of Development are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership to foster long-term, sustainable development in Ayiti. Together, the organizations are working to support their community-based partner, Rasin Devlopman, finance and construct the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. This collaboration signifies a strategic shift from reactive measures to proactive, long-term, community-driven solutions, embodying a vision for a resilient and prosperous Haitian future.

A Unified Vision for Ayiti

This partnership between ACT and Roots comes at a crucial moment, when decades of failed interventions and subversion of Haitian voices and institutions have put the country at a crossroads. The collaboration is born from a shared commitment to amplifying local voices and addressing Ayiti’s deep-seated challenges. Both organizations recognize the resilience of the Haitian people and seek to support and build upon the inherent strengths within Haitian communities. Together, we are working to support and plan for Ayiti’s future.

The La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center

Central to the partnership is establishing the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center, a 10,000 square-foot facility dedicated to addressing the long-term needs of Haitians on the island of La Gonave and beyond. This center will be not just a hub for economic and educational activities but a symbol of hope and progress. It will focus on creating economic opportunities, nurturing new leadership, and promoting civic education to rebuild a sense of national pride and social responsibility.

A Sustainable Future for Ayiti

The La Gonave Community Leadership & Development center is built to ensure decades of environmentally and financially sustainable operations. In addition, as part of the partnership between Roots of Development and Ayiti Community Trust, a percentage of each donation to the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will go to ACT’s endowment, ensuring a sustained, Haitian-led future for Ayiti.

A Call to Action

ACT and Roots of Development invite communities, stakeholders, and international allies to join this movement toward a sustainable and proud future for Ayiti. This partnership is more than an alliance; it is a commitment to the people of Ayiti, a long-term investment in their potential, ensuring that their voices lead the way to a stronger tomorrow. To learn more about the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center and make your pledge for Phase One of Construction, visit

About the Partners

Roots of Development is a Washington, DC-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and promote community-led development. We accompany local partners as they improve quality of life in their communities, and we advocate for aid efforts to center local knowledge, resources, and actions. We believe in a world in which communities decide their own future and lead their own development.

Ayiti Community Trust, based in Ayiti and Miami, FL, supports and sustains development  innovation in Ayiti in the areas of civic education, the environment, and entrepreneurship. Ayiti Community Trust’s vision is to build a sustainable Ayiti by harnessing the collective strength of people all across the globe who are committed to long-term impact and Haitian-led solutions.

For more information, please contact: Charlie Estes,

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