Make La Gonave a Global Center for Community-Led Development – September 2022

Make La Gonave a Global Center for Community-Led Development – September 2022

September 28, 2022

Dear Roots Supporter,

A promise to future generations. A hub for Community-Led Development around the world!

That is what the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will mean for the people of Haiti, Roots, and our local partner, Rasin Devlopman.

La Gonave is an island that’s been all but forgotten by NGOs and its own central government. Haiti itself has been written off by the global community as a sinkhole for aid money and other resources, where a never-ending barrage of natural disasters and a seemingly overwhelming amount of violence and corruption makes long-term development impossible.

While traditional aid work has failed across Haiti, the residents of La Gonave have figured out how to do better, more sustainable community-led development.

With your support, the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will put La Gonave on the map, not only as a place where development works but one with a model that can be emulated throughout the world.

Current Phase: Access to Water

We need your help raising $36,000 to secure a reliable source of clean water for the leadership center. With these funds, we will drill for water, install a solar-powered pump, and secure an underground well for the center. This step must be completed before we are able to break ground and begin construction on the facility. 

With your help we can make La Gonave an example for the world. We can help the people of La Gonave build a facility that will help strengthen leaders in Haiti for generations to come. Please contribute to this next phase of our project!

There are places around the world like La Gonave, Haiti – with forgotten pockets of peoples – where development is thought to be impossible because of seemingly immutable circumstances and decades of failures. Like the people of La Gonave, these communities have been left to fend for themselves.

The La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center will become a nexus of community-led development efforts around the world, where communities and leaders come together to learn and share their experiences and create an alliance of like-minded people dedicated to development without dependency.

Save the Date!

Roots is hosting its annual event in person again (for the first time in three years) on Wednesday, November 2nd, at the beautiful District Winery in Washington, DC. Join us for a night of food, drink, and fun, while supporting our work in Haiti and beyond. Buy your ticket now!

For those not in the DC area, we will be live streaming the program, so you can make a donation and join us virtually to celebrate Roots of Development and the work being done with your support!

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