Reaching Haiti’s Future Leaders – October 2022

Reaching Haiti’s Future Leaders – October 2022

October 25, 2022

Dear Roots Supporter,

Rasin and its community partners are constantly innovating, creating new and better projects to serve La Gonave. Two of their newer projects, Reyaji and Ankadre, seek to expand their reach throughout the island, involving new community members and demographics that Rasin hasn’t tapped into.

Reyaji, which loosely translates to “react,” brings together community members for discussions with local experts on important topics chosen by the community. Rasin has hosted four Reyaji sessions this year on several topics: how culture and cultural trends can play a role in development; the importance of sexual education for teenagers; how to choose a career; and learning to live with social etiquette and dynamics. These dialogues invite community members to the table to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, as well as learn from experts.

Ankadre, an offshoot project of Reyaji, provides a similar space for the youth of La Gonave to come together and learn.

This is Rasin’s first project that targets youth and brings them into the Development without Dependency family. Ankadre participants learn how to develop their creativity, discover their talents, and become responsible citizens in their communities through art projects. Ankadre gives young people a safe place to express themselves, acquire skills, and connect more deeply with their community—all of which are even more essential during the current turmoil in Haiti.

Rasin is always working to ingrain itself more deeply into the island, connecting to each person on the issues that matter to them. In doing so, they continue to show the people of La Gonave that, unlike other aid organizations that leave after a project is “complete,” Rasin isn’t going anywhere. They are fully invested in the success of the island, from start to finish.

This is one of the reasons the La Gonave Community Leadership & Development Center is so important. In addition to its global implications, the center is a promise to the current and future generations of La Gonave that Rasin is committed to making the long-term, sustainable change needed.

Roots is hosting its annual event at the beautiful District Winery in Washington, DC, on November 2nd. If you want to support our work in Haiti during this difficult time, please consider attending and learning more about what Roots and Rasin are doing to build a stronger Haiti. Buy tickets at

As always, thank you for your support. 

Chad Bissonnette
Executive Director

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